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(published on 18/04/2018)
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new title
New title
Organisational behaviour : emerging knowledge: global insights / by McShane, Steven Lattimore
North Ryde, N.S.W. : McGraw-Hill Education (Australia), 2016. . xxii, 562 p. : 28 cm ISBN: 1743760450
new title
New title
Human resource management : strategy and practice / by Nankervis, Alan R.
South Melbourne, Vic. : Cengage Learning, c2011. . xxiii, 592 p. : 26 cm. ISBN: 0170184994
new title
New title
Lion / by Brierley, Saroo,
U.K.: Penguin Books, c2013.,2014. . 261 p., [16 unnumbered pages of plates] : 20 cm ISBN: 1405930993

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